Hey lovely people, I hope you are all fine. I’m sure that we all like to look good don’t we? I can tell you for a fact that this dress gives me a feeling that I can’t explain every time I put it on. It’s like it creates some emotions of happiness and positive vibes around me. Well I don’t know if it’s an assumption or it’s simply my love for the dress but honestly there is just something about it. Oh I know what it is.. the red colour but eeerm.. is it really the red colour? I can’t figure it out.
This is a stylish midi dress that you should all own. This dress is very classy and you can be sure to turn heads when you rock it. It’s a perfect dress for a dinner and one of my friends referred it as the killer dress lol how funny is that? These gold sandal heels are life, they transform my outfits to something oh so amazing. I love the gold colour which I think blends well with this dress. Every girl deserves such a dress so please get yourself one and get to experience my emotions of happiness and positive vibes


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12 thoughts on “ALLURED IN RED

  1. “You don’t need to have a perfect size 8 or 6 body to be fashionable, you can be fashionable in your own way, you can still look good the way you are if you wear the right outfits for your body shape. You don’t need to be light skinned to beautiful because every shade is beautiful! Be sassy, classy and above all be fashionable!”
    well said n the dress is just perfect

  2. I have not seen a lady look so elegant without the much make-up that they put on…. But thiii…..s!! You make me feel like I have a new set of eyes. You look so amazing girl.

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