If you know me then I bet you know that am a sucker for high waist pants. I don’t know why am obsessed with them but for some reason I always find myself buying more and more. Am obsessed and I just can’t get enough of them. 

These pants are unique because of their versatility. They can be paired with crop tops, bralets, vests or even a tucked in blouse. High waist pants are essential for most girls because they bring out alluring shapes. The key thing when it comes to these pants is finding the top that complements your body, they enhance your body type so long as you get the right size. These pants can be accessorized by adding a slim belt which makes your waist appear smaller. For this look I paired my high waist pants with a floral bralet. Florals are on trend and aren’t  they  just cute?



For the second look I wore the same high waist pants with a brick red long sleeved top. Wait is this brick red? Well… I guess it is. I also wore my gold sandal heels that I love so much.






For the last look I wore maroon high waist pants, yes maroon this time I’m sure about the colour ha-ha. I paired the pants with a black long sleeved top and you know what’s amazing about these tops? I got them for only sh 300 each and guess what they were brand new. They were really affordable considering that most of them go for around sh 1000-1500 depending on where you buy them. Long sleeved tops look so good when tucked in high waist pants. They give you a more formal look but if you are looking for a chilled out look you can pair them with a crop top, a bralet like I did with my first look or even a tank top. You can also throw on a nice jacket especially a leather one and you will still look just fine. When it comes to shoes opt for sneakers if you don’t want to wear heels or some nice flats either way you are guaranteed to slay.

I got the high waist pants at sh 1300 from fashion reborn. I forgot to mention the black lace up boots also from fashion reborn, the most amazing thing about them is that they are comfortable. I also love the laces; I think they look so sexy. These boots can also be worn with a short dress and damn that look…what more can I say?




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For the love of fashion,

Stylish Karey

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