It’s been months since I did this shoot and I had misplaced these photos somehow somewhere but I finally got them back and I couldn’t resist doing this post.

I have always been drawn to simple yet elegant outfits because for me simplicity is key. If you have been reading my blog posts then I bet by now you know that I love high waist pants to bits. Anything high waisted does it for me… I find them simple yet classy. I just can’t stand wearing low waisted jeans not like  I have never worn them but I just don’t like them so I try as much as I can to avoid them. My wardrobe is full of high waist jeans and if you know me you probably know what I’m talking about it’s actually my daily routine since I’m a student I get to enjoy the chance to be casual everyday an opportunity I have utilized to the best of my ability bearing in my mind  that nothing lasts forever..well I’m almost clearing school and once I do I will join the commercial world and my high waist jeans will be long forgotten…Really? no way! I’m not about to give up my high waist jeans no not any time soon!

For this post I wore black high waist pants…  you know I have this thing for black outfits in fact, almost all my dresses are black. Black outfits are very versatile since they can be paired with so many colours. I wore my black pants with a tank top and added black heels to my outfit and I love just how cool they are. You can also opt to wear a lace top, crop top or even  bralet . If you are not a fun of heels then good sneakers or cute flats would be a great option for you. This look is ideal for a weekend out or hanging out with friends.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by. Till next time

Outfit details

Tank top and high waist pants: @keekyscollection(Instagram)

Heels: @f_reborn(Instagram)

Photography: mianophotography(Instagram)

For the love of fashion,

Stylish Karey!


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