Hey lovelies, hope y’all are fine. I’ve been having this outfit in my wardrobe for a while now and to be honest I can’t even remember the last time I wore it. I din’t even realize how beautiful the outfit is and how much potential it actually had until I took it to the tailor for some adjustments and I totally love it now though I’ve always been scared of wearing too many colors I just couldn’t ignore this one.

It’s basically a printed pencil skirt with so many colors that blend so nicely paired with a purple top with ruffles. Prints are very stylish and playful and the key thing is to avoid mixing prints because I feel like you will have too much going on with your outfit. When wearing prints make sure you pair it with something plain.

The purple top blends so well with the skirt since the dominant color in my printed skirt is purple. (The color of my top might have been distorted by the camera or something .Can you spot some purple on the skirt? Yes that’s the color of the top!) I also like the ruffles on my top as they spice up and add some fun element to the outfit. You can pair this skirt with another color but make sure it blends with the skirt. I wore my black fur sandal heels and I know you must be wondering why I have been constantly wearing them but to be honest I love these shoes to bits for the simple reason that they are the most comfortable pair of sandal heels I own and I’m not about to stop wearing them any time soon. You guys know that finding comfortable sandal heels isn’t always an easy task who can relate? You can wear this outfit for a fun day out with the girls or even to work and add a blazer for an official look.

I got this outfit at Toi market for not more than sh 800. The skirt was sh 400 and the top was sh 300 so for only sh 700 I have this cool outfit yes honey how amazing is that? Style isn’t always about wearing the most expensive clothes you can be fashionable in your own way by getting unique pieces at pocket friendly prices or at least that’s how I like to think.

Thank you guys for stopping!

Outfit details

Printed pencil skirt: Toi market

Ruffled top: Toi market

Sandal heels: instylekenya(instagram)

Channel sling bag: gift from a friend                    

Photography: mianophotography(instagram)

For the love of fashion,

Stylish Karey!

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